mercoledì 1 luglio 2009

How to check Directory Server version

On Solaris:
From $NETSITE_ROOT/bin/slapd/server/64 ($NETSITE_ROOT is the directory below slapd-instancename, in our case /opt/ds), run:
$ ./ns-slapd -v
On Windows:

C:\Program Files\Sun\JavaES5\DSEE\ds6\lib>ns-slapd -v

The result is like the followiong:

Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Sun-Java(tm)-System-Directory/6.0 B2007.030.1546 32-bit
ns-slapd : 6.0 B2007.030.1546
Slapd Library : 6.0 B2007.030.1546
Front-End Library : 6.0 B2007.030.1546

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